Face it Miracle Sugar Scrub and Face Polish.  Lightly exfoliates the skin, leaving it soft and moist; can be used on whole body


Aloe Vera- An excellent skin moisturizer while helping the skin’s ability to hydrate.
Papaya- High in vitamin A, C, E and antioxidants. Promotes healing.
Sweet Almond Oil- Lubricates skin, fights skin allergies, and helps reduce dark circles.
Sunflower Oil- Retains skin’s moisture barrier to infections.
Coconut Oil- Treats dry skin, wrinkles, and helps
treat eczema and other skin infections.
Avocado Butter- Sunscreen, high in vitamin C, B, and E, and contains natural colagen.

Mango Butter-Treats dry skin, helps healing, clears wrinkles, moisturizes, prevents stretch marks, promotes healthy rejuvenated skin, fights lines and wrinkles.
Beeswax- Antibacterial and promotes skin rejuvenation.
Sesame Rice Bran- Prevents wrinkles and helps heal skin.
Vitamin E
Vitamin A
Borage Oil Made from Borage Plant- Helps treat acne and premature aging.
Organic Extract of Chamomile- Anti-Inflammatory, reduces wrinkles and skin irritation.
Comfrey ‘Called the Miracle Herb’- Beneficial for the skin due to high vitamin content.
Caleudula- Made from Marigold flower, acts as an anti-viral and an anti-inflammatory.
Shea Butter- Acts as nature’s sunscreen, reduces age spots, and treats dry skin.
Grapeseed Oil- Contains anti-viral and anti-fungal characteristics.
Pink Grapefruit- Contains anti-viral and anti-fungal characteristics.


Artesian Water
Meyparaben- Produced from several fruits and ins a natural anitibacterial preservative.

Face it Miracle Sugar Scrub and Face Polish